The Discovery Center
Employment Opportunities

The Discovery Center is hiring!

We are looking for several positions, all listed below. Applicants should be passionate about our mission & available for the Fall season from 8/31/15 - 11/2/15.

At The Discovery Center, counselors and teachers facilitate diverse groups as they learn to live, work, and play together. Students gain an understanding and respect for diversity and collectively develop tools to fight racism, classism and other forms of discrimination and exclusion. Staff create a caring, supportive, exuberant and challenging learning environment and provide instruction in diversity, math, science, language arts and team building. We have various positions available - $340 per week for counselors, higher for certified teachers and supervisory positions; housing included, meals provided while Camp is in session. This is a perfect opportunity to gain valuable experience in teaching, social justice education, outdoor education, group facilitation, and experience working on a diverse team.

TDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, values all forms of diversity, and is passionate about promoting equitable opportunities for all. Please fill out a preliminary application at:

Job Summaries:

Residential Diversity Counselor (RDCs): Residential Diversity Counselors serve as team leaders for groups of 10-15 5th or 6th grade students participating in our 3-5 day diversity education program. RDCs are responsible for making sure that each student’s needs are met while creating a fun, safe, self-empowering, team-centered learning and growing environment where everyone can be themselves and do their best individually and as a team. RDCs facilitate teambuilding activities and teach language arts, social studies, and diversity lessons under the supervision of a certified teacher. As a group leader, RDC’s sit with and monitor a group at meals, facilitate dialogue, help foster new friendships, discourage cliques, belay team members on the climbing wall, lead singing and dancing activities, serve as role models, manage wake up and bedtimes, and build strong relationships with students.

Assistant Director (AD): The Assistant Director works in partnership with the Program Director to design, deliver, and evaluate our program and ensure that our staff team is working collaboratively towards our mission. The AD assists with hiring and developing staff training in the preseason. During the season, the AD takes on a variety of tasks and supervisory duties including leading large group activities, managing scheduling and program flow, lesson and activity preparation, student and staff supervision, food service supervision, site maintenance, business operations, health and safety assurance, etc.

Residential Teacher (RTs): Residential Teachers perform all of the same duties as a Residential Diversity Counselor, but also deliver our Science, STEM, and Math curriculum.

Non-Residential Teacher: Non-Residential Teachers are staff members who live within driving distance from camp, and still want to be a key part of our camp community by delivering crucial lessons during daytime hours.

Camp Rock Star/Media Specialist: Our Camp Rockstar, who also doubles for our Media Specialist, is responsible for delivering the music component of our curriculum. This vital role reinforces the life-long learning we hope to facilitate for our students, by giving them a memorable musical connection to the content of our lessons. The Camp Rockstar/Media Specialist will also be responsible for photographing and videotaping activities at camp, creating a brief slideshow for each group of campers, and updating our blog that helps parents stay connected while their children are at camp.

Residential Nurse: The Residential Nurse has the very important role of ensuring that all of our students and staff remain healthy throughout our season. In the event that there is a medical need or emergency, the Residential Nurse responds to each situation with care and expertise. While the Residential Nurse’s primary responsibility is health care, this person is encouraged to participate in all-camp activities, and be a visible role model for our students.

Business and Nutrition Manager: The Business and Nutrition Manager’s job is twofold: 1) ensuring all students are eating according to their individual dietary needs; 2) supporting the Program Director and Assistant Director by completing necessary business/office related tasks (paperwork, daily counts, trips to the store, etc.) The Business and Nutrition Manager will organize a system to keep track of all food allergies. An ideal candidate must be detail-oriented, flexible, and versatile with excellent creative problem solving skills.

Facilities Manager (FM): The Facilities Manager is responsible for the maintaining the cleanliness of the spaces at Camp Woodstock that are used for our program. The FM is responsible for daily cleaning in the kitchen and dining hall, daily bathroom cleaning and monitoring, a thorough Wednesday evening cleaning of the dining hall, and responding to any facilities related issues that may arise. On Fridays, the FM will supervise the process of cleaning all program areas—a job that will be accomplished with all staff hands on deck.